Logo Design
Neomada Group. IamNZ logo. Simple yet powerful, with colours and texture that sought to capture the essence of natural New Zealand.
Devonport St Paul’s. A nearly 100 year old community church is being converted into a privately owned community events centre and National Chess Centre. The buildings stained glass windows inspired the coloured pattern and the crown incorporates a king chess piece and the concept of prestige.
Parrs Logo. Parrs is one of the largest giftware and souvenir manufacturers in New Zealand and a brand that has existed since the 1950’s. They entrusted us with the creation of their new logo identity and it’s brand development on to merchandising, signage and stationery items.
New Zealand Music Hall of Fame Logo. Designed to honour those who have made a significant impact on New Zealand’s music culture. This logo combines images of a guitar ‘sound hole’ and the Southern Cross.
APRA Silver Scroll Awards logo. These Awards represent New Zealand’s most prestigious music awards night. We created this in 2007 in order to present a consistent look for media promotion.
Pie On The Fly logo. When Packaging Brands first approached us they had a product name, cardboard pack concept, and an idea that they wanted to dominate the world with a great tasting pie.
New Zealand National Chess Centre Logo. The concept for this “chequered kiwi” was supplied by our client. Our task was to simply draw it which was fun to do.
E-Cubed Logo. E-Cubed provide business performance and business excellence evaluation.
The Pie Guys Logo. This logo was developed for The Pie Guys who manage logistics and distribution for Pie On The Fly within the Auckland area.
Bella Bloom Logo. For a florist shop.
Appliance Shed. Colours associated with economy, value and a very strong ‘down’ graphic were used to get the message of low prices across in the very competitive electronic and appliance retail market.

The Appliance Shed business has grown and a new store seems to have been added every other year since their inception. As well as their stationery and instore labeling we designed their store exterior signage for stores in Henderson, Manukau, Glenfield and most recently St Lukes.
EasiYo. In the 12 plus years I worked with EasiYo they grew their business into Asia, North America and Europe, now exporting 75% of their products and achieving $39 million in sales per annum. I originally designed this logo for EasiYo back in 1999.
ProActive Nutrition logo. After more than decade without change ProActive Nutrition came to us looking to refresh a tired looking brand. Our first task was to create a new logo identity that communicated their high quality and ‘all natural’ nutritional ingredients values.
Grove Mill Winery. What started as a label redesign eventually became a logo design as we searched for the foundations on which to build a brand. The Southern Bell frog which inhabits their vineyard wetland was elevated visually to the status of brand hero.
Leading Safety Logo. Leading Safety is a business run by two psychologists, and deals with the thinking behind a safe workplace. Often dealing with longstanding workplace habits and attitudes to safety, they facilitate improved safety by changing the thinking of all of those within a company. This logo conceptually represents the thoughts of many, and the ability to make collective change.
Hansen’s – the flower people logo. Flower wholesalers.